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Paxos accommodation overview

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The "M"House Paxos

The "M"House"

Traditional stone house near  Velianitatika 1,6 km from Gaios. 

Sleeps 2-4

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The "M"House
Sunrise Villas

Paxos Sunrise Villas 

Two detached villas with spacious apartments for 2 - 6 guests.

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Paxos Sunrise Villas Gaios
Paxos Beach House

Paxos Sea Breeze Villas

Three detached villas constisting
of 2 large apartments each with 
pool right on the beach!

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Paxos Sea Breeze Villas
Paxos Apartments by the sea

Paxos Sea Breeze Apartments

6 Lovely apartmnets on superb location above the beach!

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Paxos Sea Breeze Apartments seaview
Agia Marina Villa

Agia Marina Villas

Charming Villas with only 5 apartments  for  2 - 6 persons near Mongonisi island and beach

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Paxos Villas
Paxos Villa

Paxoi Villas

Luxury and comfortable Villas for 2 - 10 persons with seaview on superb location above a small beach north from Gaios

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Paxos Villa

Gaios view bungalows


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