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anti paxi and smaller islands around paxos

agios nikolaos and Mongonisi

St.Nikolas Mongonisi

Ag. Nikolaos is separated from Gaios by a narrow channel. The highest point is 56m. The visitor finds two Chapels, Ag. Nikolaos and Ag. Ioannis, a ruined windmill and a Venetian castle (1423). The walls of the castle are ruinous today, but there is a very fine view of the harbour from it. The island can be visited with permission of the Municipality. Phone 26620 32100.<

Mongonisi is a small peninsula with Mongonissi beach south from Gaios. Accessable by coastal road and small causeway. From Gaios kaiks go to Mongonisi. Windsurfing, sailing, canoeing and snorkeling are amongst the available activities. There's a taverna right on the waterfront. On Mongonisi there's also the ruin of a chapel.

panagia and kaltsonisi

panagia Kaltsonisi

Panagia:the islet of the Virgin Mary is located in Gaios Bay and has a church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, which is built on an early Christian cruciform church, of which one part remains as the sanctuary. On the 15th of August the feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary is celebrated here. From here there's a very nice view to Gaios.

Kaltsonisi: is a tiny, round island 50 m east of Mongonisi. On the waters edge there's the small St. Spiridon church (1686)

daskalia and anti-paxos

Daskalia anti-paxoi

Daskalia is a small uninhabitaded rocky island south from Paxos. It is only accessible by boat.

Anti-Paxi the famous little sister with its wonderful beaches and turquoise blue water, is approximately 3 nautical miles south of Paxos.


anti-paxi; harmony in blue and green

The tiny island is only 12 square km. Its highest point is 106 m. Here you will find small hamlets like Vigla, Stavrou en Arvan&aacite;tika. Anti-Paxos has a few tavernas and about 50 houses, mostly occupied at weekend or during the summer. You can get there by a boat excursion from Gaios to Agrapida port, or hire a boat and explore the island. There's a road and Anti Paxi is great for strolling around. The superb Vrika and Voutoumi beaches are are famous throughout the Ionian. The southern part of the island is rocky with beaches such as Rodovani. On Anti-Paxi the church of Ag. Emilianos is worth a visit.

Anti-Paxi is one large vineyard. The local wine is strong and of good quality. Anti-Paxi has no shops and is the perfect place for those seeking solitude, simplicity and serenity. Anti-Paxi has no hotel, only some rooms and private villa rental.

The island can be reached from Gaios by seataxi in 15 minutes. By kaiki it taks about half an hour. There are daily boat excursions from Gaios, Lakka and Loggos.

Voutoumi Beach - Anti-Paxos paxosinfo.com

The main beaches on Anti-Paxi are Vrika en Voutoumi. Voutoumi is pebbly but sandy in the water, Vrika is a sandy beach. Both beaches have tavernas, sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. Above Voutoumi Beach is the Bella Vista taverna reachable after a short, steep climb but the view is definately worth the effort!

Around the island there are numerous small beaches, few small and beautiful secluded coves that can only be reached by boat. Also there are the more quiet beaches like Radovani and Sarakinika.

Agrapida is excellent for snorkeling. From Agripida port a network of narrow tracks leads up to the interior of the island, passing through orchards of fruit trees and vine yards. The local grape produces some good wines.